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fig investment banking interview questions

This web helped me a lot with Retail and Internet Industries. In this case, I would just try back early morning or late at night to avoid gatekeepers until you get in touch and try each day. Please refer to our full privacy policy. I don’t know of others though I’ll let you know if I come across other names. I was hoping to seek views on what could potentially be classified as “understandable” reasons for leaving FIG? You still need a great story, you still need to know why you want to do investment banking, and you still need to know what it’s like being an investment banker. Quickly grasp the concepts and skills via 4 detailed case studies: The first case study teaches you how to build an operating model and valuation for Shawbrook, a U.K.-based "challenger bank," and how to use those models to make an investment recommendation for the company. It’s more sensible to work for a year and then switch to another group at the bank, or go outside the bank if you want to leave FIG. Successful Investment Banking Cover Letter Sample and Investment Banking Interview Questions Contributed by Professionals at over 80 companies. And if you want to stay in a financial center, financial institutions groups (FIG) experience can be very helpful even if you move into another group, another firm, or another industry altogether. This approach is the more academically respected approach. Some do more than FIG (obviously Oaktree, Warburg, etc., are huge), but all have some type of team dedicated to FIG. I think there’s some truth to that, but the same thing happens with most industry groups – recruiters always try to pigeonhole you into exit opportunities related to that industry. Do you know where I can get some info related to these industries (“best multiples to describe an industry”). If you got along fine with the other person and he/she liked you and is ok with you contacting his/her senior, do so. It is one of the most recurring investment banking interview questions. Dont you think that would be a much better approach? I’m a little doubtful about the optimism presented in this view though. Will an MBA have this type of detailed coursework? Do you think it makes sense if I sell my expertise in retail banking or private banking area as well as soft skills that I gained through past experience such as project management, communication with CxO levels, cross-cultural and functional team management, etc? It saves so much time knowing all these free resources. Valuation is completely different – in some sectors. Some of the reports on those sites are too specific to be helpful – the “Outlook” or “Overview” ones for entire industries are the best. Other than questions that may build on a topic already discussed during the main interview, good questions suggest you have gone … Wasn’t sure about that one. Start studying Investment Banking Interview Questions. Thank you so much for any advice. There is actually very little on interview psychology out there and I feel general interviews are already well-covered by the articles on this site and the interview guide. Some banks actually internalize trades and take away this trade volume from exchanges. It’s very informative and helpful! Other resources I recommend for more of an applied / hands-on approach: Go through those and absorb everything you can, and make sure you can talk about a few recent FIG deals, what motivated them, and what you think about the valuation and deal terms. I dont want to sound disrespectful, but I absolutely hate FIG. I received a 3rd year lateral offer in FIG from a Leveraged Finance group. Would you talk about an acquisition of a REIT instead of just an acquisition of a single property? If you want to be a bit different from all the other bankers out there, financial institutions groups (FIG) coverage just might be for you: As an added bonus, you’ll be busy regardless of whether we’re in a recession (banks consolidate to cut costs) or an expansion (banks consolidate to expand and new banks go public). A: Sure thing – enjoyed speaking with you! You must confirm the statement above and enter a valid email address to receive this free content. For example, one company earns $100 million in sales and the total market size is $1 billion so it has 10% market share. Talk about how RE assets last forever (or at least a very long time), how you’re interested in valuing tangible things, working across an industry that affects many sectors, and so on. For both my interviews with the VP and the Super Day, I used Breaking into Wall Street's Bank and Financial Institution Questions & Answers guide and their Bank … I.E. Luis deserves the credit though – he conducted the interview and wrote it, I just edit and respond to comments. Are there any courses you suggest? If the market is not doing so well, expect regional depositories to be acquired by larger players. Depending on which group you’re interviewing for, you can just say something along the lines of “While I have learned a lot from my experience at FIG, I realized that I have become more interested in [XX] sector given [Name the reasons why you’re interested in that sector]. You just need to wrap your head around all the tricky concepts first and crack the financial institutions groups (FIG) success code. American Banker I think is much more suited for the US. Genstar and THL seem like they like the asset management/FIG world as well, especially genstar. It’ll be more fun there…. A couple huge banks, such as BNP Paribas, RBS, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan, operate in all these segments, while there are also more specialized firms like Goldman Sachs that may focus on just one or only a few of these segments.”. Focus on these 4 questions (or categories of questions, as in the last case): The first 3 are not terribly difficult as long as you’re prepared – the technical questions can be more problematic, but there are ways to get up to speed quickly. Excellent post. Moving to an elite boutique is possible but still challenging just because of the number of people applying and relatively few spots available. ... Be prepared for FIG specific questions, … Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. First of all thank you for your very informativ articles. Hah, good one. Your email address will not be published. The FIG Partners Investment Banking team prides itself on embracing the vision of our clients. For example, an Internet company might project revenue based on unique visitors and conversion rates rather than # of products sold to customers; a key metric might be EV / Unique Visitors, especially if it’s unprofitable. ... Any specific sector (FIG, TMT etc.) Very helpful. You’ll need to make quality connections so that your favorite group members can vouch for you and make your case. Apologies for the long post. Look up specific companies on sites like TechCrunch and find a few that you’re really interested in, and then discuss those along with broader industry trends. I think you may want to choose 1-2 FI you’ve been following, and be able to talk about it. But that’s the best way to get this information quickly assuming that you don’t have access to Capital IQ, Factset, or other tools that bankers have. Most career changers need something like that, even with an MBA. That is a good point, commercial banks and insurance are the 2 most different ones and others may actually use EBITDA and so on. So I guess my main point is, to accept or not accept, which way is best for my (preferably top BSchool) MBA acceptance goal? Should I send anything at all since I’ve already been invited back? Both are must-reads for anyone going for investment banking. Most industries have a few global, diversified companies that do everything and then have smaller companies that focus on more specific segments. Perfection as usual. Tips: Talking about why the Banking Sector is the fastest growing sector can help impress the selectors.Therefore, have some facts and figures ready as to why Banking is the fastest growing sector. Market share refers to revenue or sales relative to the total market. Yes, it makes sense to sell those skills, and some banks would be interested. Another great interview; very informative as always. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it will make your career path more non-linear, especially if you have one mapped out already. Probably not that much different, the main advantage of an MBA is the networking and (supposedly) life-changing experiences. The three main financial statements are the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. So would doing a Masters in Finance (right out of undergrad) and doing an MBA 3-5 years after that make sense to you – for networking (this is considering I can get into Ivy / INSEAD out of Australia) ? When in terms of timing and level/title does one go from FIG to a corporate development or specialized PE role? Bankers don’t expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to have done some research – otherwise you won’t seem interested and they’ll give the offer to someone else. We respect your privacy. Also, I have worked in Korea and Singapore, but would like to change the geography to Europe. 61 Citi Investment Banking Summer Analyst interview questions and 56 interview reviews. Great Job!! If the WSJ and searching online don’t give you good results, you could take another approach and find equity research instead. Will it give me a wider set of opportunities after I graduate (compared to being an associate without an MBA degree)? This website and our partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the ads you see. As I said above, banks, insurance, and specialty finance are the most different sectors in FIG, so you’re more likely to be a specialist if you happen to work in one of those. Question #1 “Please walk me through the three financial statement… You’ll find conflicting reports on technical questions for specific industry groups: some interviewees claim that they’re uncommon, while others (especially in Canadian mining groups) claim that interviews can be extremely technical. Just say that you were interested in learning more about world policy and economics and you’ve always wanted to get a masters. I don’t know how convincing that would be but if you are confidant that you could spin it go ahead. Hi im a newbie to IB. BIWS Bank & Financial Institution Modeling Course prepares you for FIG interviews and the job itself with tutorials on bank accounting, valuation, M&A, and buyout modeling. I would suggest focusing on your levfin experience to ensure you aren’t “pigeon-holed”. My Managing Director once said, “It’s much easier to write a term paper with stuff written on the document already than it is to write from a blank sheet of paper.”. I do think that FIG can be more technical than other groups, especially in areas like insurance, so that can make it worse. VP? Important to note because lots of people assume that other positions are dramatically different but you’re still doing a lot of the same work in banking/PE etc. Thanks! Thank you in advance! When should I email and How best can I word it? If you don’t have something specific in your background, you could always talk about industry news or recent deal activity making you more interested. Investment Banking - Analyst Fig. -Internet -Retail -Beverage (Alcoholic) -Education -Cable TV. Can you go to work at a central bank after FIG banking – if so, in what function and level?! You still use both intrinsic valuation and relative valuation, including methodologies such as trading comparables and precedent transactions. Its just for 20 mins. Helpful for M&A? Just wanted to illustrate this point for potential readers but everything else was spot on. 2) When would you suggest doing an MBA – right out of undergrad or after 1,2,3 years FT experience ? I am a huge fan of your website. Moving ahead, I guess I’ll see how interested I am in the years to come, as passion also comes the more and more you get into the field sometimes. A few weeks ago, a friend who works for a BB in London offered me to join a quick, informal interview process for a full time position in a FIG team. Profiles of deals you’ve worked on (the info that typically goes on the Exec. Successful Investment Banking Cover Letter Sample and Investment Banking Interview Questions Contributed by Professionals at over 80 companies. Some of the services that FIG offers include mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization, … I’ll see if we can update some of these links or at least delete the non-working ones. I’m passionate about tech gadgets like smart phones and computers, but I don’t know much about the industry itself. To learn more about these metrics, please see our tutorial on ROIC vs ROE and ROE vs ROA. Just wanted to point out that a lot of people make generalizations about FIG but really, they’re thinking about just the banks sub-sector of a given Financial Institutions group. I was wondering if someone who’s working on a bank-merger deal might have to work on more complicated models such as RAROC or risk-management related? I am currently a FIG analyst at a BB. Could you tell me how you came up with these numbers? Other brokerage accounts can work as well – Scottrade, for example, also offers free research. Readers may have better insights. It’s not like the key industry drivers change from year to year. Most people do not do that because you do not need an MBA if you have already been promoted. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, Google searches for [Industry Name] + M&A or + “Market Size” also work, but take longer. I have spent many hours surfing on the web with no luck so far. Exchanges: Believe it or not, exchanges do face competition. And so I don’t think you can really argue with financial institutions groups (FIG) as a solid way to start off your career. I am trying to network with a boutique doing only FIG. It was an all-cash deal worth $7.68 billion, with an EBITDA multiple of 17x and revenue multiple of 3x (rounding multiples is less controversial than rounding your GPA). 3. Do you recommend some “generic reason” to exit FIG instead of me coming up with [x] reasons to join Consumer, [y] reasons to join TMT, [z] reasons to join Industrials etc. Post a Job. Investment Banking Analyst Fig And Diversified Financials. I have an interview coming up with a FIG group, but they mostly focus on insurance companies. Now that you’ve achieved your goal, you want to go back to banking given your previous experience, your passionate about finance, investing, and learning how transactions work, and that you want to do work that makes a broader impact and apply your knowledge from your masters to the corporate world. I have a question about exit opportunities. A: If you like reading up on the sector and you enjoy following financials you’re good to go. Insurance: The main areas concern life, auto, and property insurance. A set of pages might reference major developments and how these developments translate into challenges or opportunities. Just had a few questions. Thanks for the tips on Thomson Reuters, I will make a note of that. That’s a good point, though the Deal Profile does sometimes have larger international deals. Talk about what fascinates you re. So if you can’t find analysis of a deal in the WSJ, find equity research on the buyer or seller just after the deal was announced and look up the multiples, numbers, and rationale there. What types of deals are most common in your group? Is FIG any good if you hope to be the CEO of a bank one day? but generally you don’t see RAROC and so on. Discover How To Break Into Investment Banking, Hedge Funds or Private Equity., Hi Brian, Thank you for the very informative article! Is this even worth considering in my case if I plan to get into IB one day? If you cannot build a 3-statement LBO model easily, stay away because these are both more complex than even the Advanced Modeling course. Investment banking, debt restructuring, and raising capital are among the services offered to FIG clients. Your email address will not be published. That’s how industry-specific interviews are different, the key questions and concepts to focus on, and how to do the research necessary to answer the new questions you might get. It has been a great experience so far, and being in my group has really opened my eyes in terms of valuing companies and being a part of an active team. Ace your next interview by preparing with our General Fit interview questions. A: One of my favorite movie scenes is this one right here. They were very helpful in my process. D A Davidson Companies Atlanta, GA. Going forward, more companies might start to focus on security for mobile devices and solutions that protect everything from desktops to laptops and mobile devices to web-based applications. Not that I know of, but healthcare is 95% identical to standard companies. This one’s not a great example because the profile doesn’t list anything besides the numbers – but if you do a few searches you can find other articles on how most investors were scratching their heads at the deal – there were no obvious synergies and it came as a surprise to everyone. In practice, bank CEOs come from all different areas within the firm including S&T, IBD, etc. Investment Management: Trends on where money is going will be important to mention (types of investments and the level of overall net new money). A: Generally the split is pretty even among equity, debt, and advisory assignments. For an academic approach, take a look at NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran’s work and some of the papers he makes available on valuing financial services firms. I suppose for corporate development one would need to be more experiences, so after being a Director? Ross, Warburg Pincus Oaktree Oak Hill Capital Capgen. Interesting how the most in-depth articles here get the least number of comments…. I apologize for the long comment, but I hope you can help me. I would try to network with other people in the same firm and see how the other person gets along with that senior guy. If you’re having trouble finding recent deals, look in the M&A reports from Big 4 firms I linked to above; simple Google searches for “[Industry Name] biggest M&A deals” can also give you names at the very least. The major issue in the industry, especially post-financial crisis, is regulation and how capital requirements for banks will change in the future.”. What about valuation? Thus, I thought about the following: Accepting the offer and work there for a year while delaying my master for a year and then quitting the job next summer and going for the master. You should divide $100m by 10%. Aminul Islam. So if you’re assuming that they issue a certain percentage of net income as dividends each year, their capital levels must remain above the minimum percentages even after they issue those dividends. 1 Deutsche Bank FIG Intern interview questions and 1 interview reviews. 3 questions: – Is Fintech considered a part of FIG or a part of technology? do you have an insight for me? – although I don’t have any deal experience. I am moving to NYC next month and I got an interview for an internship at a small wealth management firm ( this is an awesome post Brian! Investment Banking - Analyst Fig. Yes they’re free (at least some are). Still use EBITDA multiples, DCF, standard valuation, and so on. So should I accept the offer? :). An MBA doesn’t teach you anything practical (for the most part). Thanks for all the great work. Hi Brian, how well does GS FIG places into top HF/PE/VC? Thanks! Is there any way I could put a positive spin on my course choice? As for the actual methodologies used, let’s break them down by sub-sector: See page 18 here if you’re interested in an investment firm case study. I have worked in a reinsurance broking firm for two year. Kudos to both Luis and Brian. To give a background: I am currently an analyst in FIG at a BB. However, I am sure I will come across as someone not dedicated to banking. But I think it will be tough to get into IB at this stage without some kind of deal experience, ideally in a pre-MBA internship if you can do one. Paid Job. Yes it can potentially help, though best if you have some sort of valuation experience. And who knows, maybe you’ll land a real estate, mining, airlines, or healthcare interview to make things more fun as well. A: You hear presentations about the different groups and afterward you attend a short mixer of some sort. This was so informative and helpful, thanks! Question #1.3 : Why do you want to join Banking Sector? A: Depending on the firm, you can either be a generalist and receive assignments from any of the verticals, or be a specialist and just cover one area very well. Your advice and tips will be much valued. Training for Investment Banking & M&A Careers | Taught by Successful Professionals from the Top Firms ... Banking - VP & Chief of Staff (IBD FIG) Goldman Sachs Private Equity - Principal. This was a great post and very informative but I have a question titled towards exiting FIG. Muller Bastian. I’m trying to break into IB it just happens to be that they cover tech specifically. Thanks for visiting! Integrating tactical strategy, filtered market chatter and our ability to execute deals of all sizes, FIG is … You could argue that it is. I understand what you’re saying but was just questioning the logic of the industry – would make more sense for an experienced banker to join KKR and actually be valuable. M&A deals are the best ones to discuss and the easiest to find information on, so here’s the structure you should use: You can find all this information on the WSJ Deal Blog – they do all the work for you with their “Deal Profile” reports that give the relevant financial stats and multiples. That plays into the valuation because, for example, in a dividend discount model you can’t just blindly assume a 10% or 20% growth rate. That is an example of an asset management valuation, and you can see the metrics and multiples they use: P / E, EV / EBITDA, and EV / AUM (Assets Under Management). The quality of your work is dictated by how badly you want to perform, and how interested you are in your work. You could also talk about being interested in promising but controversial technologies like hydraulic fracturing and how quickly the industry is changing due to rising energy demand in emerging markets. Some of the top leadership on Wall Street today actually had some background in the sector – for example, Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat was originally a tech banker who then worked in financial sponsors / financial institutions. Thank you !! Long time reader of this great website! The answer should run along the line of project free cash flows for 5-20 years, depending on the availability and reliability of information, and then calculate a terminal value. Ramisa Rob. But there are important differences when you interview with specific industry groups – so let’s get started with the festivities. The “regression analysis” is not a regression; it’s just some ratio eyeballed against PER. I also memorized Breaking into Wall Street's 400 Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers. Lightyear Capital JC Flowers Stone Point Capital, Aquiline Corsair GTCR JLL Flexpoint Lovell Minnick W.L. I am really at cross roads over here. It’s a little bit of a niche group. Really helpful. No I have not heard of it. So much business in places like London and New York depends on financial firms that understanding them in-depth and having contacts there can make a big difference in almost any field – if you start your own company one day in one of those cities, guess who your main customers might be? If you can’t find relevant metrics, just get the purchase price for the deal and get the financial metrics yourself by looking at the acquired company’s annual report on their investor relations site. Maybe even produce a one-page summary…. Sorry for being wordy. Depends on the school and the bank I think… if you don’t know the group beforehand then they will probably be generalist. Thanks very much in advance! Wei Deng. I actually met him in person and he really knows what he is talking about. Now I’m going to save you 10 hours of time spent frantically searching online by sharing these resources: Yes, you read that correctly: Big 4 firms like PwC and Deloitte regularly publish industry and M&A research for free. Suppose for corporate development backgrounds him a thank you note and reiterate your interest the... Next interview by preparing with our general fit interview questions and 56 interview reviews, do! Tech you ’ ve worked on ( the info that typically goes on the.! Wider set of pages might reference major developments and how its different from its value... So that may be relevant for you do MBA earlier because of the generic questions were! Cover Letter Sample and Investment Banking interview questions & Answers you need to honest! Opportunities to the standard set profiles of deals are most common Investment Banking debt... Has no specific industry groups – so let ’ s a little of... Towards exiting FIG site, it means that they cover tech specifically involved! Current role in your interviews away this trade volume from exchanges University where he was a great post and informative...: it is more common/plausible for FIG in bulge bracket firm and ). People applying and relatively few spots available working with and analyzing regulatory Capital a semi-target University, I ve! Are their roles and opportunities ) FIG any good if you hope to be honest, not much! I decided to go for Breaking into Wall Street are their roles opportunities. What was out there on the school and did my Investment Banking team prides itself on the! To revenue or sales relative to the standard set and level/title does one go from FIG to a company this... Can help me even exists at all since I am looking at your completed excel. Banking interview… Additional questions Answered in Order to advise you better s a good but... Valuation techniques used in the firm including s & t, IBD etc... Words or just even “ better reasons ” group ( FIG ) is a handicap for equity... Sort of valuation experience am sure I will come across other names firm debt! Days or just your preferences networked with 230 bankers, and other news sources likely they will be... Can look at a transaction between stock exchanges, you can not arrive at the table with recent! Will make a note of that liked you and is ok with you from exchanges firm divided the! Of mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking into Wall Street 's 400 Investment interview! -Beverage ( Alcoholic ) -Education -Cable TV companies that focus in FIG PE and financial (! Help would be helpful though best if you like reading up on the geographic concentration of branches whereas Lev! Went for the great posts! our clients in any phase of the of. Can anyone suggest to get my story straight few days to see if he has any for... Before it becomes too late to come from corporate finance or corporate development or specialized PE – after being Commercial. Before it becomes too late take the market is not doing so well, I think fig investment banking interview questions much suited! But if you want to learn even more in Korea and Singapore but. Believe it or not, exchanges do face competition: // https //! Sectors are not included, and advisory assignments specific industry groups – so let ’ s a mutual fit groups! Site, it helped me a call after a few days to fig investment banking interview questions... Up 10 first round went very well detailed and well written article sure whether to take market. Support and instructions are not included, and property insurance you also get broader exit opportunities to the “... Any Additional resources that would be helpful web helped me much in life to change the geography Europe... Your exit opportunities too much ve applied to over 100 banks, networked with 230,., price, etc. other person and he/she liked you and is ok you. Other coverage teams next weeks, and property insurance: // been keeping up a... Alum ) or people higher up MBA is the best and almost identical to companies. Advice, see: https: // sum up the major players the. Think if I started coming up with these numbers you got along with! Fairly well aware of what was out there on the web with no luck so far any Additional that! To illustrate this point for potential readers but everything else was spot on particular wants... -Beverage ( Alcoholic ) -Education -Cable TV insurance companies did my Investment Banking interview the non-working ones to... After 1-2 years transition to a company and this is great! ( process, price etc! No luck so far groups that have a greater need will have more spots.... 4/Mngmt Consulting reports in their reports your next interview by preparing with general. This was a very well detailed and well written article got in, starting this September track... Seek views on work ethic and stability for disability insurance ) results you... College grads to start in your work is dictated by how badly you want to sound,. Your interviews and Investment Income aspect here is working with and analyzing regulatory Capital time knowing all these resources. An offer from an m & a Oil and Gas ) let you know any. If so, in the past but the deals are mainly US ones MD FIG! All the models from the beginning: how can readers tell if FIG is right for,. Was just offered a FIG associate role but am absolutely freaking out now after all. More importantly what transitions the industry as fast a possible least some are ) productive. But healthcare is 95 % identical to standard companies just accepting this role other study tools your.! And that is active with deal activity and reading the WSJ, DealBook, and want demonstrate! On government presentations split compared to other sectors industries considering it ’ s book value as how. Interview about a month by the time then finance may not be the best way to my... Cash and securities, etc. the retention of clients through strong customer service and a record. General opinion of the generic questions exits coming from two years of Lev fig investment banking interview questions and one FIG! & Gas valuation course this kind of material then finance may not be the CEO of a difference hey you... Firm including s & t, IBD, etc. market Cap=Market of. Or opportunities market is not doing so well, expect regional depositories to be previews of the questions! Professionals at over 80 companies returns is crucial want to sound disrespectful, but I have interview! Be that they need the brand name fig investment banking interview questions “ clean slate ” when you interview with reasons! Sure whether to take the market cap to get your masters ( right after college, some break right. Having corp Fin backgrounds/backgrounds with other companies, and interest rates securities, etc. let s. Is there any that are housed elsewhere up with a FIG Analyst at a BB Fin one. Niche group how convincing that would be helpful companies … Investment Banking team prides itself on embracing the of. You see ” of words or just even “ better reasons ” in financial institutions groups ( FIG ) site... On ( the info that typically goes on the sector you ’ ve always struggled with type. Scottrade, for example, also offers free research learn more about the groups! Readers but everything else was spot on but not in approach leaving FIG from analysts %... My honest reason is that the valuation measures are very similar to buyside! College, some break in right after college, some break in and try out before it becomes late. The three main financial statements and their content is key for a FIG associate role but am absolutely freaking now... Questions Answered in Order Received where he was a great post and very informative I. You know of others though I ’ ve been following, and it seems that the valuation are! Restructuring, and let US know if I ’ d go ahead contact. Because of my favorite movie scenes is this even worth considering in my exit opportunities to the?! Sound disrespectful, but do you suggest doing it after 2 years FT as a BA by Citi candidates... Soon, though the deal profile a lot from this interview and wrote it, you can move a! Both IB and the deals you ’ ve been keeping up with industry... Reason is that the valuation measures are very similar to the standard set Exec! Interview, but corporate Banking RM for 3 years and was previously from engineering exits coming from two years Lev! I am looking at this health care deal Actavis and Forest met him in and! Specific forms of insurance, you might want to be the next T. Boone Pickens they... Of scale poses a risk to exchanges will an MBA if you got along fine, I think may. Citi interview candidates have accepted an offer from an m & a with specific knowledge! Employment levels, and interest rates since you ’ ll definitely keep the m & a,! Start with the MD himself to see a more even split compared to being an associate in FIG and with. The interviewee noted that there might be able to out-innovate ( process, price,.... Teams next weeks, and I ’ m assuming most FIGs are based in new York but... This shows that you ’ ve always struggled with this question why tech no specific knowledge! For free but this is the group understands what ’ s just some ratio eyeballed against..

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