I Smell Sex and Cardio

Every work that helps you or causes you sweat and burn your calories is an exercise. Exercise is right for your body and every time you exercise; you move towards a way better life. These activities can be weight training, mass gains, cardio and even sex! Yes, sex is also a type of exercise because as other exercises, it increases your heartbeat and pumps your blood throughout your body. In other words, heart-pumping exercises lead to better sex because cardiovascular gains boost blood flow and keep the blood vessels fit and healthy. So from here, you get an idea that how our workouts and our physical relationships are inter-related.

Talking about sex and relating it to cardio exercises will enhance your knowledge in both ways. While you are engaged in sexual activity with your partner, your heart starts to pump faster and your metabolic rate increases. Your muscles get warmed up due to stretching and contraction. Your body starts to sweat due to intense muscle movements and these repetitive movements and lets you burn your calories like an extraordinary gym session or cardio. Conducting sex has also shown to boost the immune system of the body and makes you feel stress-free, just similar to a proper course of cardio.

A standard sex session may last for about 15 to 30 minutes and recorded as it burns between 150 to 200 calories (approx.). But, this is just a conventional estimation, in reality; it depends on how you do it 😉 Ayyy. If you are more vigorous between the sheets, you will burn more. Moreover, conducting sex does not activate all of your body muscles. For better results, you have to push your body in different angles and positions so that more number of muscles could be under stress. For example, if you prefer to be on top then your legs and arm muscles will be under stress, regardless of other body parts.The thrusting motion of the body provides extra pressure to the stomach and abs. For women, Kegel exercises make their pelvic region stronger, and this makes sex more comfortable for them. As we are talking about general queries regarding sex and cardio, we do not have to go in for further details regarding women exercises.

Now if we relate this whole sex thing with our intense cardio, we will see similarities as well as differences.  Every exercise which increases your heartbeat for certain period is known to be cardio. A session of cardio 20 to 30 minutes long, works with all of your major muscles. Your metabolic rate increases to abnormal level because of the circulation of blood throughout the body. This causes you immense sweating and breath hard throughout the cardio session. Your main muscles include your forearms, thighs, your stomach and abs (core) and your back. For example, exercises like swimming make use of your entire body muscles whereas, jogging or running on a treadmill mainly puts the pressure on your legs. But, sex does not include all of your body.

It mainly puts the pressure on your core region where rest of the body only feel the stress (exception to the different positions used). Especially for cardio, you have to push yourself to a higher level of intensity so that your heartbeat should pace up and furthermore; you have to maintain it for quite long time for beneficial results. According to the research, your heart rate should increase to 60-80 percent of your maximum heart count.  On the other hand, you may be breathing hard during sex and your heart pace up but, it is not necessary that you may be losing your calories on an equal amount of cardio. Sex has more effect on your hormones, and your entire nervous system due to the stress lay upon your body.

Now, after reading these arguments on which one is better; you will have some mixed views in mind. Everyone knows having sex with your partner is loving, delightful and a jackpot source for losing some of your calories. If you feel the same way that sex is fulfilling all your workout requirements, you may cancel out your gym membership and just stay at home with your partner. But, there are few things to consider before quitting your gym. Gym sessions are tougher than an hour spending with your partner. Sweating in a room with your partner seems to be at beginner level but sweating at increased heart rate for 15-20 minutes normally is at a whole new level.

All of the major muscles groups are under stress in your training through the full range of motion of body against heavyweights for the resistance. Your whole body feels exhausted, and a burning effect could easily be felt. On the other hand, sex only burns calories of the certain areas of the body.  So, it will be entirely wrong for assuming sex as real strength training whereas, for cardio; major muscle groups under stress will have a greater chance of losing a serious amount of calories.

Sex may be a source of losing calories and burn your fats. You may skip a day of your gym for the private training for the sake of your partner. But, skipping the gym often will not give progressive results. As for advice; doing both workouts one after another will provide satisfactory results. Engage in your gym regularly, and after coming home, you can carry up your private gym session with your partner.


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