San Diego Transformation of the Month

  • Name: Anthony Tassin
  • Location: San Diego, California

I have been weight training since 9th grade in high school and made good gains over the years but knew that my height would keep me from ever being a competitive bodybuilder nor did I have the desire to gain 60 pounds of muscle. I was in decent shape at 180lbs but knew nothing of contest nutrition or how to create a championship physique. I knew I was a hard gainer but through trial and error, I learned what was needed to gain mass. Men’s Physique division gave and continues to give me the motivation I need to push myself to my mental and physical limits. I want to create the most aesthetically pleasing physique possible for someone of my height. Serving active duty as a Naval Helicopter Pilot at HSC-3 squadron NAS North Island in San Diego and competing in the NPC definitely has its challenges. However, I am no stranger to hard work and time management.

Why did you decide to transform yourself?

When I was in high school, around 17 years old, I decided I wanted to join the Navy and better my life as a whole; at that point in my life I was a ward of the court.   I wanted to immediately become independent and eventually become an officer. I set short and long term goals and stuck to them.

Share a Cool Fact about yourself

I fly helicopters for the Navy, doesn’t get cooler than that.



How do you accomplish your goals?

Remaining consistent and visualizing my goals coming true every time I feel like giving up!



Any supplements that helped you through your journey?

I love dymatize iso-100 chocolate flavor!



Do you have diet plan that guided your transformation?

CJ with body management group (BMG) oversee’s my nutrition while I am preparing for a show. I have been working with him for the last 16 weeks. He is really good at feeding his athletes which keeps me really happy. I have been able to put on about 5-8lbs of muscle since I started with him.


Give us a summary of your training regime.

Normally I do legs on sunday, arms on monday and thursday, shoulders on tuesday and friday and back on wednesday. I hardly train my chest now because I feel it is over developed. I take rest days as needed. Most workouts go between 50mins-1 hour and I try to hit anywhere between 15-22 sets total per workout. My rep range is always changing so I can’t give you numbers there.


What aspects challenged you the most?

Its challenging balancing out my diet and training throughout the day. With my random schedule as a helicopter pilot you never really know where you will be or what you will be doing days in advance so it takes careful preparation and planning to make sure I do my cardio, workout, study, get my 7 meals in and get to bed at a decent time every night. Its tough but you have to understand I absolutely love doing what I do.

What are your future fitness plans?

I plan to continuing competing in the NPC Physique Division and become an IFBB Pro.


Do you have any suggestions for aspiring transformers?

Consistence is very important and its easy to lose your focus or good habits if you are around negative influences so, surround yourself with like minded individuals who are positive and motivate you to become your best.

 Top 5 music tracks you enjoy listening to while at the gym?

Hold your Colour, Diddy- Ass on the floor, Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing, ASAP Rocky- Fuckin’ Problem, Deepcentral- Speed of Sound


Anyone you want to thank that has helped you accomplish your goal?

My friends and Family

What do you like about San Diego the most?

The weather. Never a no-fly day



What’s your favorite gym, and why?

Worlds Gym; some of the best bodies in the world train there. Very motivating for myself

Click Image To Find Out More About World Gym!
Click Image To Find Out More About World Gym!

About the Author

Age: 28 Height: 6’2″ Contest History: 2011 NPC Emerald Cup- 1st place, over 5’8″ 2011 NPC Southern Cal- 2nd place, C class 2011 NPC USA Championships- 3rd place, C class 2012 NPC Excalibur- 1st place, F class 2013 NPC USA Championships- 3rd place, F class My close friend and now coach Clayton Harris aka CJ; with BMG (body management group) got me into Men’s Physique. He said I had the “look” and helps motivate me while I prepared for NPC’s Emerald Cup in Seattle.

Every show I have competed in, I have also been active duty Navy while in some type of flight training program (private pilot program, Navy Primary training, or Navy Helicopter Training). I put myself through College while enlisted as an Aviation Technician and spent my teenage years raised in a foster home in South Central Los Angeles before joining the Navy.

I believe there are some things in this world we can not change but for the things we can change; we mind as well change it to what we want. I wanted to be a Naval Aviator and wanted to have a nice body. I encourage anyone who shares my goals/dreams to pursue them because life is too short. And if you have questions on how I got to where I am, I can be found on Facebook and would be happy to answer any questions.



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