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You ain’t ever seen the Master of Growth like this. We command you to get motivated with CT Fletcher’s full training program, nutrition plan and supplementation guide!
Get CT’s full plan here: http://bbcom.me/1QYIzaY

In the lifting world, few who seek the Holy Gains haven’t heard the name CT Fletcher, aka the “Superman of Compton.” If you haven’t, you will soon hear the booming thunder from beautiful Southern California, commanding your muscles to grow!

In 2013, CT Fletcher stormed onto YouTube as part drill sergeant, part preacher, and his no-bullshit approach to training and motivation caught fire. His videos showed brave souls receiving sinister exercise prescriptions that pushed them to the edge of quitting, while an overbearing CT barked madly at them with colorful sayings like, “Fuck average!” and “It’s still your motherfuckin’ set!”


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