The athletes follow a strict nutrient timing chart according to which they balance the intake of their diet and supply their body with the required level of nutrients. It is said that timing is everything and when it comes to athletics, timing is very important in relation to the nutrition and athletic performance. In the case of athletic performance, it’s not just about the intake of nutrients rather it is also about the timing of intake. In this regard, here comes a list of 8 of the most famous workout supplements that will enhance your efforts and gives you ever ravishing results.


To maintain the standards of good nutritional diet and nutrient schedules, one of the best ways to please your muscles to build a proper mass is by whey proteins. It is one of the principal protein components of milk and being a water-soluble part protein is taken as the protein supplements which rejuvenate the muscles and enhances the process of proteo-synthesis within the body. Being all way pure and rich protein supplement, whey delivers plenty of essential amino acids like L-cysteine that replenish the demand of body and fights the process of aging keeping the protein synthesis on maximal peaks. Apart from accelerating protein synthesis within the body, it also helps to cut off the extra fat deposit in the body and provides you with an opportunity of rehabilitating a figure and shape of the body that you long for.

Whey proteins; where on the one hand manifest the process of protein synthesis within the body, on the other hand, facilitates with multiple pros including the fat cut down tool which eliminates the extra fats and further helps to maintain an attractive body shape. As a power tool, it speeds up the metabolic pathways and aids in the weight loss. It reduces the appetite and aids the fast digestion due to its composition; it also cut down the liver fats which lowers cholesterol and maintains it at appropriate levels. Being a supplement, it can be taken with milk or can be accompanied with fruit juices to quench the bodily demands of other nutrients along with the whey proteins.   


To all out there… Are you looking better muscle recovery? Want to minimize the muscle soreness after hectic physical activity? Want to enhance your workout stamina? Then you surely need some nitric oxide boosters that will help you in this regard. Nitric oxide mainly transfers messages within the body cells and maintains an apt mode of blood circulation throughout the body.  When it comes to bodybuilding, the nitric oxide boosters help to give you a fresh adrenaline rush and release the associated hormones that will, in turn, increase the blood flow and facilitates the muscles with ample nutrients.

It will add strength to the muscles so they may recover sooner from the after-effects of a strenuous workout at the gym. It will rehabilitate the muscles from soreness due to accumulated lactic acid and speeds up the muscle and tissue repair after active workout sessions. It keeps our metabolism regulated without compromising on the physical or physiological health of the individual.


Want some extra source of energy to boost up your workout sessions to attain your goals? Then creatine monohydrate supplements are one of the ways you can fulfill your requirement. Creatine plays a vital role in phosphagen energy system, i.e., a primary source of ATP during the short time energy demand. When the one is indulged in extensive workout sessions in the gym, he/she needs extra energy to replenish the muscles and tissues that are constantly working out. In this context, the phosphagen energy system activates and provide the sufficient energy. Now to enable this energy system, creatine is the essential ingredient. It is present in the body as free creatine or phosphocreatine.

In both forms, it will help the muscles to carry out their normal functioning during workout session without running out of energy that is delivered from an alternative pathway apart from the traditional ATP synthesis route. Supplements containing creatine monohydrate is taken to saturate the concentration of creatine in the muscles so that they can function aptly.   


Fish oil or Omega 3 fish oil has proven its worth in the bodybuilding or muscle gain regime. The more you gain omega 3, more you can muscle mass. The principle behind this tale is, the calories which can be stored in the body as fat deposits, are mobilized and partitioned into the muscles to give them bulk.  Muscle growth works on a formula, i.e., rate of synthesis minus rate of dehydration. The critical components of the omega three fish oil, i.e., DHA and EPA work according to this formula and gives you a perfect muscle mass.


The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) mainly the leucine helps to promote the protein synthesis in the body and stimulates the cellular machinery to speed up the process of protein synthesis via the formation of mRNA from the DNA. It not only increases the protein synthesis but increases the capacity of the cells to carry out this ravishing process that will, in turn, give you an apt muscle mass.

It reduces the rate of breakdown of proteins in the body and impedes the functioning of tryptophan, an amino acid that elevates the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that imparts fatigue. The branched-chain amino acids reduce the levels of serotonin and help you to workout longer to gain your body goals.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that also acts as a hormone which promotes the health of bones and adds strength to the muscles. It activates the genes and cell signaling chemicals that are essential for muscle hypertrophy, strength, and improved muscle activity. It wipes off the extra fat in the body and gives you a ravishing muscle mass. It maintains the standards of physical performance.


It is a vital ingredient for protein synthesis and acts as an anti-catabolic agent that prevents the breakdown of muscles. It helps in giving volume to your muscles and helps to facilitate your long extensive workouts with ample supply of protein necessary for muscle growth.


 It is a non-essential beta amino acid that increases the carnosine concentration in the muscles. Carnosine is a potent antioxidant that provides a first line defense to the muscles and protects them from the buildup of H+ in the body during extensive workout sessions. The high levels of H+ in the muscles will drop the pH and in turn cause the negative enzymatic effect leading to faulty muscle excitation and contraction and induces fatigue. The supplements rich in beta-alanine wipes off all the extra H+ in the muscle and rehabilitates the normal muscle function to facilitate your strenuous muscle buildup workout sessions.



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